Leadership coaching for individuals and teams


Leadership Coaching for Individuals

What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching is a leadership development programme that is designed specifically for you. I help you clarify your goals for positive change: then I support and challenge you to achieve them with a combination of insight, theory and action.

When might you benefit from leadership coaching?

When you’re new in a role, and need to perform well and quickly 

When you feel stuck and unfulfilled, and want a change

When you know you need to find new ways to behave to be successful

When you want to make more of your strengths and potential

When you're working with difficult people

When your struggling to turn your leadership vision into reality


How can I find out more?

I’m always happy to chat, with no obligation to you whatsoever. Email me to set up a time at julia@whitneyandassociates.uk


Julia is absolutely fantastic - helping me to come to some important realisations about where I wanted my career to take me, and what next steps I should take to get there.
— Head of strategy